"Saint Mary" Monastery
Treatment and Recovery Base

"Have mercy upon me, O Lord; for I am withered away: O, Lord, heal me; for my bones are troubled" (Ps.6, 2)

At the beginning, the monastic establishment Techirghiol was a priest's sanatorium and had the name of Saint Pantelimon. In the course, the establishment was opened to all the people who wanted to treat their rheumatic affections and find a silence oasis in here.

The numerous requests in last years have determined the extension of the accomodation area and, in 2000 have been opened the treatment base endowed with modern apparatus attended by qualified medical personnel. The treatment method used is the therapeutic mud extracted from Techirghiol lake. The treatment base is opened from the 1st of June to the 15th of September, and the plannings start from April of every year.

For plannings and reservations we ask you to contact us using one of the procedures shown on the contact page of this site.
More than 70 rooms belonging to this establishment are endowed with its own toilets, refrigeretors and TV-sets. The maximum accomodation tariff is 10 USD/person/day, including the breakfast. The lunch and the dinner cost 5 USD.

Depending on doctor's advice, here it can be applied the following treatment procedures: galvanization, ionogalvanization, diodynamical currents, interference currents, ultrasounds, functional electrical stimulation, galvanizing baths, mud baths, mineral baths with water from Techirghiol lake, herbs baths, kinotherapeutical massage, ergonomical bicylcle, laser therapy, sauna. The tariff for one of these procedures is aprox. 1.4 USD.

During 12 tratament days it can be applied packages consisting in 3 of these procedures. The cost is 30 USD. For the price list, you can access the tariff page (Romanian version only).

  • Tratament bai de namol, Centrul Social Pastoral, Techirghiol
  • Tratament bai de plante, Centrul Social Pastoral, Techirghiol
  • Tratament magnetoterapie, Centrul Social Pastoral, Techirghiol
  • Treatment and recovery base

For those who want to bath in the sun and take a bath at The Black Sea it is worth having the information that there are regulated courses at (the most) every half an hour to the following resorts on the Black Sea coast:

  • Constanta, situated at 14 km from Techirghiol, i.e. 15 minutes driving;
  • Eforie Nord, situated at 2 km from Techirghiol, i.e. 2 minutes driving;
  • Eforie Sud, situated at 6 km from Techirghiol, i.e. 6 minutes driving;
  • Costinesti, situated at 18 km from Techirghiol, i.e. 18 minutes driving.
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